Data migration

The KAI Team has extensive knowledge and experience in migrating data from various EMR offerings, and guarantee your satisfaction on any data migrations we perform. Many vendors lack the skill or experience to safely migrate data and will often cut corners at the risk of data loss. With KAI, you can rest assured knowing that your data is in reliable and capable hands.

Customized development

KAI collects feedback and suggestions from our clients, including you! We provide monthly EMR updates based largely on this user input. These updates are provided to all of our clients at no additional cost.  

 We also offer paid custom development for clinics wishing to create functionality specific to their workflow. Development can range from simple front-end customizations such as Electronic Forms (eForms) or Reports, to 3rd Party Integrations and large-scale custom features or modules.  

 For larger development requests, we will assign a UI/UX Consultant to assist you in refining your requirements before engaging in actual work. This approach ensures that your timelines as well as your expectations, including budget, are met. 


Live training and support

The KAI promise is a 100% commitment to supporting your clinic and your care providers throughout the entire EMR on-boarding, launch, and support process. Helping you is always at the top of our minds. You can always count on speaking to a live agent when you call our support line during business hours, or you can utilize our same-day email support for your questions.

Using a new EMR can sometimes be tricky. That’s why KAI provides training from individuals who have worked in clinical settings and can customize your training based on your exact needs. We even offer live training on your first full day using the system to make sure that you learn the ropes with minimal interruption to your practice.

Billing services

Our team of billing experts can assist you with your generations, submissions, and error corrections.  We will ensure that you are maximizing your billings and avoiding loss of revenue for work you have completed. For a low cost, our team will ensure that all your billing needs are met.  


Off-Site Backups 

We offer end to end backup services of your clinical data including disaster recovery and cloud setup. In many cases, we can restore your system in as little as an hour!