The KAI support team is by far one of the most responsive support teams I’ve dealt with. They quickly acknowledge your question, suggest solutions, and resolve the issues in a timely fashion. Plus, they are always polite and respectful. Thanks team!
— Dr. Ritesh M
The knowledgeable, helpful, and amazingly nice professionals/staff make navigating the EMR a breeze. They are very patient and take the time to explain and answer every query I have. KAI makes a stressful clinic day seem better because of the amazing people who are ready to jump in and resolve EMR issues with a great sense of humour and friendly attitude. Big kudos to Daniel, Brandon, Emma, and Christian who are my go-to people whenever I need help.
— Derma Skin
I’ve had KAI as my OSCAR service provider for five years. I have never been disappointed. They have always answered the phone during business hours. Recently, I changed my office’s location and it went very smoothly thanks to the KAI team.
— Dr. Stephan N
Fantastic service! Everyone is so patient and kind! I have contacted Brandon on many occasions, and he assists me promptly and resolves all my issues. We would highly recommend KAI Innovations.
— Morris T
KAI Innovations has been a great resource since I signed up with them. They have a great team that makes you feel that you are a valuable and important customer. I would highly recommend them to all.
— Dr. M K
Best EMR provider I’ve ever had. Great tech support, quick turnaround time, and easy to reach.
— Dr. Chris S
KAI has provided us with timely and helpful support for our OSCAR EMR. They are very accessible and understand our health related EMR questions. Even if they don’t have an immediate answer, they get back to us very quickly with solutions. All the staff are friendly and very knowledgeable.
— John H
KAI provides outstanding support to our OSCAR EMR. Highly recommended.
— Dr. Rakesh B