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What is OSCAR EMR?

OSCAR EMR is an open source primary care software solution created by McMaster University’s Department of Family Medicine and is used by thousands of medical professionals across the country. Designed by physicians for physicians, OSCAR is a low cost, browser-based, and extremely versatile solution that will meet all of your EMR needs.

Open source means that there are no licensing fees to use OSCAR EMR. Additionally, this also means that OSCAR EMR is supported by a passionate online community of healthcare professionals, academic and research institutions, and developers who continually work to improve the EMR experience.

With features like electronic charting, scheduling, electronic forms (eForms) and much more, OSCAR EMR has solutions designed to help make your practice more efficient and streamlined. If you need more out of your EMR, OSCAR Professional Edition provides the benefits of OSCAR with enterprise level additions.


More About KAI

KAI was founded in 2012 when two healthcare professionals realized there was a gap between EMR support offerings and end user needs. As former front-line healthcare providers, we know that in addition to high quality software, top notch service can make or break a clinic’s individual EMR experience.

KAI Innovations is an OscarEMR and McMaster University approved OSCAR Support Provider (OSP). Our services include data migration, EMR hosting and support, and custom KAI enhancements like unique eForms and third-party integrations. We support you throughout the EMR lifecycle, from building and launching your clinic’s EMR solution to providing top rated customer service. We manage technology so you can focus on taking care of your patients!

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KAI’s EMR is unique and tailored to your clinic needs. Some of the features that come with our EMR include:



Clinical eChart

Document Inbox

Lab Tracker 


Patient Tools 


We also offer custom development ranging from simple eForms and Reports to large scale custom features or modules. Throughout this process, we provide you with mockups, updates, and timelines to keep you informed and happy along the way.

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